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TRAQ Tips: Random Testing

Tracking random testing progress is easy in TRAQ. Quickly view random selections, completed tests, and yearly numbers by accessing the Randoms section.


After logging in, on the main menu click the Randoms button to view info about your random testing program.



To view random selections, scroll down to the Show Randoms section and select the Group you would like to view. You can also view random selections by Location by selecting the desired location in the drop-down box.








Select the desired timeframe and click Search to display random selections.




Easily see each employee that has been selected, what they have been selected for, and the status of each test. To place an order for a test, click on the Donor SSN. To make a note on a selection, click the Donor Name.

Track your annual progress by clicking Show Random History. TRAQ will display all the random selections that have been made and how many random tests have been completed.

For DOT-regulated companies, it will display how many more random tests are needed to be in compliance.

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