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Drug and Alcohol Testing - Workforce QA
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Drug and Alcohol Testing

At WorkforceQA, we understand that drug and alcohol testing impacts people's jobs and livelihoods. We offer nationwide clinics and on-site testing, ensuring industry experts collect, analyze, and review each specimen using current best practices.

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Which Type of Drug Test Specimen Works for Your Company?

Our team will assist you in selecting the optimal testing method among the three types of specimens, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Urine is the most prevalent and longest-tenured form of testing. It’s also the only method currently approved for Department of Transportation (DOT) testing programs.


  • Cost-effective and quick results
  • Legally defensible
  • Familiarity within the workforce
  • Detects recent use


  • Tampering is possible
  • Collection can take several hours
  • Invasive collection

A trained specimen collector will collect the hair sample before sending it to a certified laboratory for testing. From there, a Medical Review officer reviews and confirms the results.


  • Detection up to the past 90 days
  • Difficult to alter results
  • Fast and non-invasive collection


  • State regulations may apply
  • Most expensive method of testing
  • Detection window is limited
  • Requires donor to have hair
  • Results take 2-4 days

As the least invasive testing method, donors insert a swab into the mouth for a short period of time. A certified laboratory then tests and reviews the sample.


  • Ease of collection
  • Fast and non-invasive
  • Difficult to alter results


  • State regulations may apply
  • Detection window is limited
  • Must maintain supply of kits
  • Results take 2-4 days

Reasons for Testing

Drug and alcohol screening can be necessary for several reasons. We can guide you in identifying which combination of services aligns with your needs and execute a strategy that ensures your workplace safety.

Before investing time and money into onboarding and training new employees, it is crucial to ensure they are suitable for the position, especially in safety-sensitive roles. Pre-employment testing is required by most Drug-Free Workplace Programs to protect your company and employees.


  • Fewer accidents on the job
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Discounted workers’ compensation insurance premium

Implementing random drug testing is an essential aspect of any substance abuse prevention program and serves as an effective deterrent. We provide customizable customizable management of random testing pools management of random testing pools tailoring them to suit the specific needs of each job classification, geographical location, and functional area.


  • Scientifically generated and legally defensible random selections
  • Random test scheduling assistance
  • Annual random progress tracking
  • Ability to customize frequency, rates and transmission

We provide 24/7/365 coordination and management of post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing. Our in-house team will handle the entire process. Our online Training will help to qualify managers on accurately preparing your team for these situations.

Our Team Will

  • Schedule time-sensitive tests
  • Coordinate testing requirements
  • Provide regular status updates
  • Confirm completion of tests
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Return to Duty Plans

When an employee breaches the drug or alcohol policies and you choose to re-employ them, it is imperative to execute an appropriate plan to safeguard your team, the individual, and the public. Our team is available to support you at every stage of the process.

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