Screening for All Needs and Industries

We specialize in managing complex employee screening programs that span multiple industries, including all DOT agencies. With over 200 years of combined experience, our team possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to manage screening programs in the most compliant and efficient manner possible.

Trucking – FMCSA

We are the country’s largest FMCSA MRO/TPA, reporting hundreds of thousands of tests annually. We understand the challenges faced by the trucking industry, from regulatory compliance to driver shortages. Our expert team can help ensure that drug tests and exams don’t delay the placement of a driver.

Buses – FTA

WorkforceQA has decades of experience managing FTA-compliant employee screening programs, including drug and alcohol testing, background screening, and occupational health services. Partnering with an expert TPA who understands the specific needs of this industry is crucial to navigating these complexities effectively.

Aviation – FAA

Keeping your workforce and the traveling public safe is a top priority in the aviation industry. Partnering with an employee screening program with extensive knowledge about FAA regulations is imperative to guarantee safety within the aviation industry.

Railroad – FRA

Our extensive network of clinics and on-site collectors allows us to handle the unique challenges posed by the railroad industry’s round-the-clock remote operations. With nearly two decades of experience managing FRA clients, we are the industry leaders in providing employee screening solutions.


The threat of substance abuse in the construction industry is two-fold. Not only is it a safety issue, but it also risks affecting productivity. There is no room for drug or alcohol abuse around heavy equipment. We can help make sure your job sites are safe and effective.


Some of the nation’s largest utility providers, including energy, natural gas and water, trust us to manage their employee screening program. Trust us to help you maintain a safe workplace and consistent and reliable service to the public.


WorkforceQA’s premiere screening solutions, including drug and medical testing and background screening, simplify the complex and time-consuming process of placing candidates.