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TRAQ Tips: View Results

Finding drug and alcohol test results in TRAQ is super easy, trust us! Just follow the steps below:


After logging in, on the main menu click the Results button to access test results



Click the Search button to display all recent results. Results can also be filtered by entering data in the fields above and then clicking Search.



Open a result by clicking on the blue Test Request number. Scroll to the bottom and click Results Letter to open and print the result.




  1. ARCHIVE: After you have viewed a result and don’t need to see it every time you look at results, you can Archive it by checking the box next to the Test Request number and clicking Archive. This will move the test to the Archive section of TRAQ so that the Results section only shows recent results. NOTE: if you Archive a test, it will be archived for your entire company.
  2. PRINT: If you would like to Print all result letters at the same time, check the box for each test you want to print and click Print.

Don’t have access?

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