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TRAQ Tips: Export Results

Our platform TRAQ is user-friendly and easy to use. We still want to detail a few features, so you can use our online system to its full potential.
If you need to export result data from TRAQ, this can easily be done by heading into the Archive. Follow the instructions below to export results to Excel:


After logging in, on the main menu click the Archive button. The Archive contains all results, always accessible.





You can use the available fields to filter and export a specific set of results (i.e. DOT or Non-DOT, Pre-employment only, etc.)
To export ALL results without filtering, leave all fields blank





TRAQ will require you to set a timeframe for the results you would like to export
Click the Export button to export and download results to Excel



Available data points include type of test, result, dates, collection site, specimen ID, and others



Don’t have access?

Contact our sales team to get you set up.