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In this month’s employee spotlight, we proudly feature Dustin Corter, Team Lead of TPA Services—Platinum Accounts at WFQA. Dustin began his career at WFQA seven years ago as a Client Service Representative, where he quickly established himself as a dedicated and competent professional.

One of Dustin’s standout qualities is his commitment to delivering the best customer service possible. He achieves this by being responsive and informative, sharing his strong knowledge of DOT regulations, and demonstrating a genuine concern for his clients’ satisfaction and success. This personalized and attentive approach has undoubtedly contributed to building solid and lasting relationships with clients.

Dustin finds great satisfaction in his work at WFQA, particularly in helping clients and supporting his team. He takes pride in building strong relationships with clients and providing the necessary assistance to his team to foster a positive and collaborative work culture. Dustin is passionate about problem-solving and ensuring that clients receive the help they need, and he actively works to create a supportive environment where everyone can excel.

Dustin’s interests outside of work are diverse and centered around building strong connections with his loved ones. His dedication to family and the outdoors is truly admirable. Spending quality time hiking, kayaking, and camping with his husband and three kids reflects his commitment to creating lasting memories and fostering strong family bonds. Sharing meals is a special way to bring people together, and Dustin’s enthusiasm for cooking adds an extra layer of warmth to family gatherings. This well-rounded approach to life likely contributes to his positive and balanced leadership style in the workplace.

Cheers to Dustin for his commitment to both professional excellence and a fulfilling personal life!