Over 15,000 (16%) of Medical Examiners for DOT Physicals were removed by FMCSA on February 26. Consider using WorkforceQA DOT Physical Review to ensure your documents are compliant.

Workforce QA Follow-up Testing - How we can help

drug free follow up testingFollow-up testing is not random testing, but rather a program in which employees are identified and monitored through more frequent and structured substance abuse testing.

We can help you maintain a thorough and effective follow-up testing program by:

  • Coordinating with a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) to evaluate Return to Duty status and follow-up testing schedule
  • Tracking and notifying you of upcoming tests
  • Scheduling tests in accordance with the SAP’s requirements, based on frequency and testing type
  • Working with you to monitor compliance of your follow-up testing program

How We Can Help

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