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FAA MIS Alcohol and Drug Testing – Data 2019

Total # of Reporting Companies: 6,215

Total # of Reporting Safety-sensitive employees: 478,169

Summary of FAA 2019 MIS Data

The most recent industry-wide MIS data from the FAA is for CY 2019.  The 2019 MIS alcohol and drug testing data represents 6,215 FAA-regulated employers with 478,169 safety-sensitive employees.

  • Total # of alcohol screening tests 67, 222 of which 99.4% were negative (<0.02); 179 or 0.27% were confirmed positive (≥040BrAC); there were 23 refusals to test and 27 cancelled tests.
  • Total # of RANDOM alcohol tests 60,375; 99.6% were negative. 233 screening tests were 0.02 or greater, however, only 116 of those had confirmation tests reported; 39 were 0.020-0.039; 59 were 0.040 or greater.  Random alcohol tests had 10 refusals and 18 cancelled tests.
  • There were 266 Reasonable Cause alcohol tests reported of which 45.9% screened ≤020. 40.2% of Reasonable Cause alcohol tests were confirmed with BrAC ≥0.040.
  • Total # of drug test results 264,779 of which 98.8% were verified as negative. Positives were 0.98% and 74.2% of all positives were for marijuana.  There were 592 drug test refusals reported and over 1,000 cancelled drug tests.
  • Total # of RANDOM drug tests reported 131,908 with 824 positives for a random positive rate of 0.62%. 67% of the positives were verified for marijuana.
  • Total # of Reasonable Cause drug tests was 250 of which only 29 (11.6% ) were verified as positive. There were, however, 17 refusals to test on reasonable cause drug tests.

FAA alcohol and drug testing violation rates have remained low over the past several years, especially random testing violation rates.  This is reflected in the FAA’s annual random testing rate requirements which continue to be at 10% for alcohol and 25% for drugs.


By Dr. Donna Smith