Over 15,000 (16%) of Medical Examiners for DOT Physicals were removed by FMCSA on February 26. Consider using WorkforceQA DOT Physical Review to ensure your documents are compliant.


DOT Physical Review

Motor carriers have to deal with several challenges, from regulatory compliance to driver shortages. These challenges can negatively affect carriers’ businesses, especially when a physical exam delays the placement of a driver or an unqualified driver is behind the wheel. Carriers require a compliance partner who understands the pressures they face daily. WorkforceQA is that compliance partner.

Part 391.41 states “The motor carrier has the responsibility to ensure that the medical examiner is informed of the minimum medical requirements and the characteristics of the work to be performed.  The motor carrier is also responsible for ensuring that only medically qualified drivers are operating CMVs in interstate commerce”.

The team at WFQA will conduct a comprehensive review of each physical and in case of any error, we will collaborate with the Medical Examiner to rectify it. Our team of experts can significantly reduce the possibility of litigation and punitive damages, as plaintiff attorneys often use this type of language to seek enormous compensation awards.

WFQA’s DOT Physical Review program is the ultimate solution for ensuring a safe and secure driver. Our program meticulously verifies each physical against the National Registry, generates the necessary note for the Driver Qualification File, and checks for any inaccuracies on the physical. This helps to protect employers from any legal liabilities. With our comprehensive program in place, you can be sure that you’re doing your part to keep our roads safe.

Configurable Services

One size does not fit all, and we can accommodate your specific needs.  Services include:

  • Document management – Imaging and archival of the Medical Examination Report (MCSA-5875) and Medical Examiners Certificate (MCSA-5876).  As well as any company-specific medical forms.
  • Consolidated Billing – One invoice each month with detailed information to support your accounting requirements.
  • Comprehensive review of the Medical Examination Report and Medical Examiners Certificate
  • Return to work – This is a service designed to ensure drivers return to work healthy and safely after a medical event.  We will work closely with the driver to review medical records, and prep the driver for a DOT physical after the best practice/guidance time has passed.


  • Electronically enabled clinics – A nationwide network of clinics to support your hiring and recertification needs, reviewed and updated to ensure all medical examiners are certified.
  • ATS/HRIS Integration – Our services seamlessly integrate with leading ATS and HRIS systems, allowing your recruitment team to easily order drug tests, background checks, and physical exams and receive results directly within your ATS/HRIS platform.

For more information on how to protect your motor carrier from litigation, quickly seat compliant drivers, and free up your regulatory resources, contact us: