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To sign up for WFQA’s Random Drug Testing Consortium, please fill out the form and enter your credit card information for a one-time enrollment fee of $200.00. After enrollment, a WFQA representative will contact you to assist with program setup.

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    • Yearly membership fee to join one of WFQA’s Consortiums is $200.00 payable upon registration.
    • You will receive an invoice for each drug or alcohol collection completed for your employees. These should be paid within 30 days.
    • You will be required to supply an updated list of your eligible employees within 2 weeks of the start of each quarter by logging into the WFQA Portal. If no changes are required, you will just need to check the box stating “no change” in the portal. If you do not login to update or select no change within the two-week period, you will be removed from the WFQA Consortium pool. No refunds will be processed.
    • You will receive an email on the third week of each quarter with your list of employees selected to test or an email stating no one was selected for your company for the quarter. The document will specify if the employee is to take a drug test or a drug and alcohol test. At the end of each quarter, you should have completed all tests or documented why an employee was unable to complete a test. If this is not completed your company may be removed from the WFQA consortium.
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    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
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